Company introduction .

Our company comes making of imitation gem from 1974 and did export.

And, is developing new bio acessary.

Germanium neckwear set developed on this time is improved more than Japan product in quality.

Price is half price comparing to Japan product.

Use relationship purity as much as Greenwich's germanium Jewelry set 99.99% that increase.

Is attaching and sell examination sexual three that examine in Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST).

Germanium powder used here is not inexpensive germanium imported in China.

Acesssary set plates and made solid gold to 160mills(4 microns) thickness on copper chain.

Inserted germanium powder on both side of chain.

Also, did to magnify the performance because it mixed germanium powder to Tag.

Quality of product is warranting all life.

Change color and if there is product damaged, it does afterservice immediately.

We repair like new product always.

Also, this product removed Nickel course lead for people that have allergy.

Is available in swimming pool, shrine, swimming beach also .

May use with soap water

TEL : 822-472-3190,1  FAX : 822-474-5950